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No application available at this time please apply at a later date when the wait list is open



Please note that our wait list is now Closed as of April 16th 2018


Last open on DECEMBER 1st 2017 to APRIL 16th 2018

For TWO (2) and THREE (3) bedroom units   



It is very important that you let us know of any changes to your address, telephone number, change of family size or income in order to keep your file current. If we do not receive a written update from you annually, we will assume that you no longer wish to be considered for the External Waiting List and your name will be removed from the list.



Thank you for your interest in Creekview Housing Co-operative, located in south west False Creek, at the entrance to Granville Island.

This page includes an application (when the wait list is open) and some facts, which give some essential information about our Housing Co-operative. Please read this information carefully, it will help you to understand the advantages and responsibilities of being part of a Housing Cooperative, and what our particular co-op has to offer.

If you are willing to make a commitment to this type of community living, we‘d be happy to process your application. Please complete the application form and return these forms to our office with a self addresses stamped envelope, or if you prefer you may apply electronically via e-mail. Just be sure include an attachment of your completed application form. Simply download the PDF at the top of this page, print it out, fill it out, scan it back into your computer and then attach it to your e-mail. Our member selection process involves several steps:

1. INTERVIEWING APPLICANTS: From time to time, applicants who qualify (based on occupancy and minimum household income requirements as of Oct. 2018):

  • One Bedroom Unit

  • $37,440.00

  • Two Bedroom Unit

  • $45,880.00

  • Three Bedroom Unit

  • $51,880.00

will be invited to attend an interview with representatives of our Membership Committee. The interview will give us a chance to explain how our Housing Co-op works, to discuss how our Participation Policies match your volunteer skills and interests, and to answer your questions. If applicants are offered a unit in the Co-op they will be asked to provide copies of last year’s Revenue Canada Assessment and last three pay cheques.

2. SCREENING APPLICANTS: We check the Landlord references and Credit Histories of all applicants. Only applicants with good landlord references and credit histories will be accepted.

3. APPROVAL BY OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF APPLICANTS: Our elected Board of Directors has the final responsibility for approving applicants as members of our Housing Co-op, based on the recommendations of our
Membership Committee.

4. SIGN-UP AND SHARE PURCHASE BY APPROVED APPLICANTS: When applicants accept an offered unit, they will be contacted by the Office Coordinator to arrange an appointment to sign an Occupancy Agreement, provide the required financial documentation, and pay the required shares.

5. APPLICANTS' PERSONAL INFORMATION: Personal information will be used in strict confidence by the Membership

Committee and Office Coordinator to evaluate your application. Due to the number of applications we are unable to acknowledge every application. The number of vacancies varies from year to year. Applications will be kept on file. Receipt of your application only places you into the waiting pool; it does not guarantee you will be selected or interviewed for membership during this period. Please keep us informed in writing if you want to remain on our waiting list at least once a year, at the above address and of any changes in address, income, or unit preference (i.e. family size).