Values and Vision



We value good governance.  Therefore we:

  • Operate within our legal framework.
  • Operate democratically.
  • Follow a strategic plan.
  • Are transparent in our decisions.
  • Are accountable to the members.
  • Support ongoing member education and  participation.

We value respect and integrity.  Therefore we:

  • Accept differences and value diversity.
  • Treat all members with equity and consideration.
  • Are open and honest in our communications.
  • Are responsible for our decisions and actions.
  • Foster mutual respect, encouragement and support.

We value community spirit.  Therefore we:

  • Support the international principles of co-operation.
  • Work together as a co-operative team.
  • Encourage member involvement.
  • Appreciate effort and recognize success.
  • Share information in ways that are accessible.
  • Make decisions that are beneficial for the co-op community as a whole.

We value a healthy and safe community.  Therefore we:

  •  Are compassionate and caring.
  •  Take responsibility for the safety and security of the building, members, staff and associates.


It is important that we maintain the life style that members of the co-op have come to know, Therefore:

  •  We will endeavour to keep our units filled with members who share our values, accept the responsibilities of membership and are willing to take pride in their homes, meet their financial obligations, participate in the operations of the co-op and follow the policies of the co-op.
  •   When our mortgage is paid off, if the government won’t help, we will assist members who can’t afford to pay the full housing charge by providing housing subsidy to the degree possible while maintaining physical integrity and financial stability of the co-op.  Therefore, we will set an annual cap on housing subsidy assistance.
  •  All members will live in the unit most appropriate to their household size, based on our policies.
  •  We will strive to keep housing charges affordable for our members in comparison to full market costs for equitable homes in the surrounding market area.
  •  We will strive to maintain and upgrade our homes to meet the needs of members.  We will define acceptable standards for upkeep and, to the greatest degree possible, we will choose environmentally responsible methods to complete maintenance and upgrading.
  •   We will hire the skills we need to make sure that the important work of the co-op is done well, but we will also rely on member participation to perform the many tasks that can be completed by volunteers.  We will hire necessary skills when certification is required but balance this between increasing housing charges and reducing available housing subsidy assistance.
  •  We will maintain and follow an overall plan for the co-op and use the expertise and recommendations of outside parties to help us ensure that our plans for our buildings, our finances and our community will meet our current and future needs.
  •   We will focus on ensuring trust among members for the co-op and its leadership.  As a part of this, we will promote and support ongoing and productive member education.
  •  While we recognize that the co-op is part of a larger community, our priority is to use our resources for the mutual benefit of our members.